The Web mapping application may allow you to print the map and the results from search and other operations.

To print the map and results

  1. Zoom or pan the map to the area you wish to print.
  2. Optionally, use available tasks to display results in the Results area of the Console.
  3. Display the Print task dialog by clicking its name in the menu area. If no Print link is displayed, then printing is not available as a task in this application.
  4. In the Print dialog, choose options as desired for printing. Some options that may be available are:
    • Title: title to display at the top of the print page.
    • Print the map: if checked, the map will be included on the print page.
    • Map Size: set the size of the map. The actual size depends on how the administrator configured the website.
    • Print table of results for: if displayed, the listed items may be printed from the Results area. Check the boxes for results items to print.
    • Include: if enabled for your application, you may be able to select whether to include items such as north arrow, scalebar and legend on the printed page.
    • Map Quality: if enabled for your application, you may be able to select the quality of the map, such as choosing between Draft and Normal.
  5. Click Create Print Page to generate the print-preview page, which opens in a new window. If the window does not open, check to ensure that any pop-up blockers in your browser are not blocking this website.
  6. In the browser print-preview window, click the browser's Print button, or choose File-Print. From the Print dialog, you may print to any device available on your system.