Projekt GR-Atlas

FNR-Project 06/05/42 (planning: Michel Pauly):

 The project’s aim is the creation of a digital atlas of the Greater Region which includes the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Wallonia region, the Lorraine region, and the German Länder Saarland and Rhineland-Palatinate. In other words, the area located between the Meuse and Rhine, Limburg and Alsace. The atlas will gather maps analyzing and visualizing data coming from the social, human and natural sciences. Its development requires a preliminary research of the data, which will afterwards allow the users (administrations, scientists, common users) to perform analyses according their research request. The implementation of the atlas, which will also give access to the underlying datasets and which will be able to be constantly updated with new maps, requires the development of new data-displaying tools.

The resulting map portal does not only serve the bare visualization of research results, but it is rather an important tool of information gain. The cartographic representation makes it possible to compare individual regions, and in particular the spatial evaluation of the development processes. In addition the project will help to provide a clarification of the so far pending definition for the Greater Region, which consists nowadays of a simple administrative and artificial regrouping without any continuous characteristics in common.